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Reach for the Stars

Every Child Deserves Representation

The path towards success starts early. BBBG’s new line of notebooks helps celebrate diversity, promote self-confidence, and empower children to realize their full potential.

Ready To Reach For The Stars?

Send your child to school in style with Brown Boy Brown Girl’s new line of diversity-themed notebooks.

Created as an extension of 2020s Brown Girl Genius Notebook and Brown Boy Brainy Notebook product lines, 2021s new Reach for the Stars notebooks were designed to provide brown boys and brown girls with access to learning materials that celebrate their unique brilliance and promote positive thinking and growth.

With 70 double-sided sheets of perforated, wide-ruled paper and a flexible, glossy cover, these single subject notebooks are perfect for homework, creative doodling, and everything in-between. Whatever it is that your child is jotting down, they can do so with encouragement and positive reinforcement from cute characters that resemble them.

These unique, uplifting Reach for the Stars notebooks were released as part of Brown Boy Brown Girl’s continued effort to empower young minds via diverse education materials. As a company, we strive to increase representation, amplify voices of color, and create a positive, unified learning environment for students of all backgrounds.

BBBG’s Reach for the Stars notebooks puts positive growth right at your fingertips. The best part? At just $7.50 each, encouraging young minds to reach for the stars has never been more affordable!

The BBBG Story

Brown Boy Brown Girl was co-founded in 2015 by Teresa and David Baker. The family-owned company was created to provide the couple’s three children with an education in entrepreneurship and increase their access to images of brown boys and girls within the school supply space.

Providing positive examples of diverse representation has always been important, but it has taken on increased relevance in recent years as the country grapples with a heightened sense of racial consciousness. For centuries, we have witnessed media outlets routinely mischaracterize and stereotype minority youth – BBBG is our attempt to reclaim that image via inclusive, positive educational content and supplies.

In addition to our popular Notebooks and Folders, we also have a line of aspirational posters, mugs, and apparel and have released a selection of positively reviewed children’s books, including Josie’s Bedazzled Shoes co-authored by Teresa herself.

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Community Feedback

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